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Menulation your menu compilation

• East Midlands restaurants & takeaways
• Comprehensive and regularly updated
• Menus, phone numbers, addresses, maps
• Polls, reviews, editorials, photos, videos

Restaurant/takeaway reviews:
Bulwell GrillShabab Nan Kabab
Han SofrasiChicago Pizza
Georges Fish BarSpices 2 Go
Broxtowe Curry HouseKo Sing

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Photo of La Piazza pizza and pasta takeaway and delivery in Carlton, Nottingham

La Piazza in Carlton
La Piazza owner Ali extends a warm welcome to all customers in the Carlton Square premises. Their menu  is available on Menulation with a good choice of pizzas and pasta dishes select from.

Photo of Luk Wah Chinese takeaway in Chilwell near Beeston

Luk Wah in Chilwell
Chinese takeaway located on High Road in  Chilwell near Beeston, Nottingham. Menu is available on Menulation with a good choice of Chinese dishes to select from. Currently collection only.

Photo of The Little Bridge Chinese and Cantonese food takeaway in Long Eaton near Nottingham

Little Bridge in Long Eaton
Popular Chinese takeaway in Long Eaton. Extensive menu with a whole host of favourite Chinese and Cantonese dishes plus good choice of set meals. A limited local delivery service is available.

Photo of Poppa Pizza; pizza takeaway in Beeston near Nottingham

Poppa Pizza in Beeston
Delicious pizzas to takeaway or eat in. Good choice available in four sizes. Delivery service for orders over £20 in local area. Eat in area to the side/back of the premise. Takeaway menu plus poll, reviews, location, phone number and more..

Photo of China Garden Chinese takeaway in West Bridgford near Nottingham

China Garden in West Bridgford
Chinese takeaway located on Loughborough Road in West Bridgford near Nottingham. Their full takeaway menu is available on Menulation.

Photo of Pizza Paz takeaway in Eastwood

Pizza Paz in Eastwood
Quality pizzas, garlic breads, main dishes, jacket potatoes, salads and side dishes. Very popular pizzeria in Eastwood with local delivery service.

Links to some local takeaways with menus available on (follow the link for many more)

November 2014 Chicago Pizza

Photo of the Box they serve your 7" pizza in from Chicago Pizza in Nottingham Photo of my Chicken Lover Pizza from Chicago Pizza takeaway in Aspley, Nottingham

Chicago Pizza: Pizza & Fast Food Takeaway in Aspley  

Address: 393 Nuthall Road, Aspley, Nottingham, NG8 5DB | Tel: 0115 978 1696  

Last night (Tues 25th Nov 2014) I went to Chicago Pizza in Aspley, Nottingham. Before going I had a look at their menu on Hungry House to see what I might order when I got there. I decided on the 2 x 7" (small) pizzas offer and also a small garlic bread pizza with cheese and mushrooms. According to the online menu this should come to £9 and there was a choice of the four pizzas from the Special Pizzas section which drops down when you select the option for 2 x pizzas offer. So I drove round to their premises on Nuthall Road and entered the clean and tidy if ever so slightly dated premises where you have an almost full view of the kitchen area behind the serving counter. I was served quickly but it was quiet and I was the only customer in the takeaway at the time although there may have been online or telephone orders I didn't feel there was much of a buzz but as it was a Tuesday evening that is to be expected… Read more

July 2014 Broxtowe Curry House

Broxtowe Curry House: Curry & Fast Food takeaway in Cinderhill  

Address: 12 Broxtowe Lane, Cinderhill, Nottingham, NG8 5NP | Tel: 01159 700 800  

I recently took a trip to Broxtowe Curry House where I met a couple of very friendly and helpful staff. One was a driver who had a chat and was welcoming while he was waiting for an order to take out. They were apparently having a very busy evening for a Thursday. I generally take that as a good sign as presumably people have used them and keep returning. The guy serving was busy sorting out orders but took time to have a brief chat and helped me select a meal without being pushy. I do enjoy a good curry but am no expert on the subject! I decided to go for a Chicken Tikka Biryani (£6.50) with a Keema Naan (£2.30)… Read more

Photo of Chicago Pizza takeaway in Aspley, Nottingham Photo of Broxtowe Curry House in Cinderhill, Nottingham Photo of Chicken Tikka Biryani from Broxtowe Curry House in Nottingham Photo of Keema Nan from Broxtowe Curry House takeaway in Nottingham

May 2014 Georges Fish Bar

Photo of Georges Fish Bar in Beechdale, Nottingham

Georges Fish Bar: Fish & Chips, Kebabs.. takeaway In Beechdale  

Address: 443 Beechdale Road, Beechdale, Nottingham, NG8 3LF

At about 7.30pm on Saturday 24th May I decided to pay the chippy in Beechdale (Nottingham) a visit. I was the only customer for a few minutes and the friendly guy serving said it was because the Champions League final was due to start. I asked for a large fish and regular chips. The serving of chips looked good as he dished them up but then he went to the hot unit to get a fish out and it looked quite ragidy! I asked if it was Cod and he said it was Haddock but really I prefer Cod and that fish looked like it had been battered around a bit in more ways than one! The server informed me they didn't have any Cod so I said I'd leave it and thought maybe I'd have something else with my chips. A few other customers did come in while I was contemplating whether to go elsewhere or have something else such as a battered sausage. Then all of a sudden I was offered Cod! They had it all along but really wanted to sell the poor looking Haddock! So I said OK I'm happy to wait a few minutes for it to be cooked… Read more

Photo of Fish & Chips from Georges Fish Bar in Beechdale, Nottingham

Shabab Nan Kabab: Pakistani Tandoori Restaurant in Hyson Green  

Address: 6 Radford Road, Nottingham, NG7 5FS | Tel: 0115 978 169  

As she had enjoyed writing a review on Han Sofrasi in December, I asked Laura if she would like to write a joint review on one of Nottingham’s takeaways. Laura agreed, and so on Friday the 16th of January, we got together and decided we’d both like some kind of spicy cuisine and that we would go to Shabab Nan Kabab in Hyson Green. They are a small Pakistani Tandoori restaurant with a takeaway service but they don’t currently offer a delivery service according to their menu (or accept credit cards). As I have copies of menus for most restaurants and takeaways in Nottingham, we had a good look over the menu and had pretty much decided upon which dishes we would order before setting out…. Read more

Photo of Shabab Nan Kabab Pakistani Tandoori restaurant and takeaway in Hyson Green, Nottingham Photo of a Stuffed Paratha from Shabab Nan Kabab restaurant in Nottingham Photo of a Tandoori Chicken Madras from Shabab Nan Kabab in Hyson Green

January 2015 Shabab Nan Kabab

December 2014 Han Sofrasi & Ko Sing

Photo of a Pide served at Han Sofrasi Turkish restaurant in Nottingham Salad served at Han Sofrasi Turkish restaurant in Nottingham Photo of an Adana Kebab served at Han Sofrasi Turkish restaurant in Nottingham

A guest article kindly written by Laura Bedford  

Han Sofrasi Restaurant and Take Away: One of Nottingham’s hidden treasures  

Address: 91 Alfreton Rd, Nottingham, NG7 3JL | Tel: 0115 900 3020

On Saturday, 6th of December, four friends and I went to Han Sofrasi for dinner. My first impression of the restaurant was very positive. It looked clean and tidy and I liked that you could see the food being freshly prepared. I received a friendly welcome and was shown to our table, which was upstairs. The waitress brought me a drink and a copy of the menu to read while I waited for the others to arrive. The menu was clearly set out and there was a photograph of each dish next to the description. Having not eaten much Turkish food, I found the photos very.. Read more

Photo of my Pancake Roll from Ko Sing Chinese takeaway in Beeston Photo of Chicken and Mushrooms, Cantonese Style Sweet & Sour Pork + Egg Fried Rice from Ko Sing Photo of Ko Sing Chinese takeaway in Beeston near Nottingham

Ko Sing: Popular Chinese Takeaway in Beeston

Address: 150 Wollaton Road, Beeston, NG9 2PH | Tel: 0115 967 8018 Web: Link to menu  

I decided to visit Ko Sing in Beeston near Nottingham (Weds 10th December 2014) for my first Chinese takeaway meal in quite a few years. After working in one in the South for a few years I got a bit bored of the food and often found it a bit too greasy but I thought okay lets go for it. I've had several requests to list the menu for this place on and you can now find their menu here. I had a good look over their menu and decided to give the 'Special Set Dinner' A. For One Person at £8.00 a go which is made up of Prawn Crackers, Cantonese Style Sweet & Sour Pork, Chicken With Mushrooms and Egg Fried Rice. I'm not very keen on prawn crackers so when I got to the premises on Wollaton Road I asked the lad who promptly came out from the kitchen to serve me if I could swap the prawn crackers for a pancake roll and although the listed price for a pancake roll is 20p more than the crackers after a quick consultation with someone in the kitchen the lad serving said yes that's fine and the price for the meal remained at eight pounds… Read more

Photo of Bulwell Grill pizza, kebab and fast food takeaway in Bulwell, Nottingham Photo of a large mixed kebab from Bulwell Grill Photo of a Zinger Kebab and Fries from Bulwell Grill takeaway

Bulwell Grill: Pizza, kebab and fast food takeaway

Address: 198A Main Street, Bulwell, NG6 8EH - 0115 99 89 318  

I visited Bulwell Grill about 7.30pm on Wednesday 18th February where I was greeted by a member of staff who appeared tidy and friendly in manner. I explained I'd had a look at their online menu and had an idea of what I wanted to order. I looked at their menu displayed on the wall and picked up a menu from the counter and with a little discussion and the help of another member of staff who came from the back I selected a Large Mixed Kebab £7.50 and a Zinger Burger with Fries £3.50. The first guy went off to the back to start preparing my food and the other one stayed in the serving area a little longer. He told me the meal would take a good ten minutes.. Read more

February 2015 Bulwell Grill

April 2016 Spices 2 Go

Photo of a meal purchased from Spices 2 Go on Station Road in Sandiacre Spices 2 Go Indian takeaway in Sandiacre near Nottingham

Spices 2 Go: Indian takeaway  

Address: 66 Station Road, Sandiacre NG10 5AP - 0115 939 3566

I visited Spices 2 Go on Station Road in Sandiacre on Thursday the 31st of March where nobody was serving! I had decided to start doing some reviews again after a long break due to work on the Menulation site and had seen some recommendations on there for Spices 2 Go.. Read more